JK TV 3 - What To Expect From Your Web Designer

This episode of JK TV explains how you can hire the right web designer for your project. There are things you can expect from your web designer and things you can not expect from your web designer. After watching this video you'll know what services you can expect and what mistakes you can avoid.

It's a keynote based video, because I really wanted to get these points across and test different formats for the show. Please let me know in the comments how you like this style!

What To Expect From Your Web Designer

1. Business Before Design

Your design needs to support your business goals. What is fancy design good for when your website doesn't reach your target audience and doesn't convert visitors into leads? Nothing. So make sure your web designer focuses on building a website that grows your business, rather than creating a fancy looking website.

2. Understanding Requirements

Have your web designer explain your requirements in his own words, to make sure that all requirements are understood correctly. You really want to make sure that all requirements are managed correctly in the project to avoid costly reiterations on design and functionality.

3. Constant Feedback And Project Updates

Ensure that you're updated regularly on the project status. Launching a website requires a marketing plan, sometimes a huge one. You can only plan accordingly when you know exactly what development phase your website is currently in. I hop on Skype with my clients weekly and exchange mails regularly. Implement those routines with your web designer as well and ensure clear communication.

4. Individual Design

Regardless whether your website is created from scratch or customized with a framework or theme - you'll want to get an individual design. Unfortunately there are some web designers who just install themes without customizing them and then charge ridiculous amounts for it. Let your web designer explain how and why your design is unique.

What NOT To Expect From Your Web Designer

1. Countless Design Changes

Get clear about the design you want to achieve before the development starts. That will save you time and money, because redesigns get more expensive later in the project. You can use wireframes for this purpose and create the design concept together with your web designer.

2. Skoda Pricing For Mercedes Quality

You simply can't buy a Mercedes for the price of a Skoda. That's as true for cars as it's true for websites. There's a reason why good web designers have high rates. They'll deliver websites that grow your business and help you achieve business objectives, while cheaper web designers create the website without any business objectives in mind.

3. 2-Day Turnaround For Big Projects

Don't rush through web design projects. Remember that your website is one of the most important assets for your business, so take the time necessary to make it great!

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