May I Introduce: The WP Mastery Club

I'm proud to announce that I'm building my signature program right now, the WP Mastery Club.

This post is meant to give you an overview of the launching process I'm going through, and what you can learn from it.

You know me, I can't help but share all the details of how I'm building this course and community.

Spoiler alert: here's a screenshot of the website.

The WP Mastery Club website

Check the website live at:

Members will get actionable video tutorials for WordPress and online business, monthly expert Q&A calls, weekly office hours with me, an exclusive Facebook group, and monthly targeted training sessions.

I'm currently accepting 20 early-bird members. They lock in the discounted price of $47 per month for life, instead of the full $97.

Sign up at the WP Mastery Club website to claim your early-bird membership, the offer is good until September 1st!

The next posts on my blog will show you exactly how I'm building and launching the WP Mastery Club - and how you can build your own online course using WordPress.

But first, let me back up, and tell you more about the WP Mastery Club:

The WP Mastery Club will include the exact WordPress tips and tricks I use on a daily basis to run my online business, generate leads online and drive targeted traffic to my website.

Basically, it's everything you'd get if you hired me to work on your website, but for a fraction of the cost 🙂

Over the next 90 days, I'll hustle hard to turn the club into a $10k/month business. That means I'll need to onboard 100 members.

Luckily I'm not fully on my own with this project; I got my mentor Jaime Masters (formerly Tardy) backing me up with her incredibly powerful Millionaire Hustlers coaching!

So over the next weeks I'll probably write fewer contents, but, therefore, show you step-by-step what I'm doing.

Here's where I'm currently at:

Why I'm Launching The WP Mastery Club

I feel that there's a disconnect in the online business coaching world.

There are countless amazing online business trainings like the amazing Internet Business Mastery Academy or Jaime's Millionaire Hustlers.

And there are countless websites that write about WordPress tips, publish tutorials, and courses that walk you through using WP.

But there's no really good WordPress training with an entrepreneurial background.

I mean, you don't need to know all the tech stuff of WordPress, nor do you need to learn how to code.

You need to learn how to use it properly so that your online business grows, generates more income, and can be automated to a certain degree.

This is exactly where the WP Mastery Club comes in.

In working with countless entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world, I know how online business owners should use WordPress.

And the WP Mastery Club is my way to help digital entrepreneurs leverage that experience and grow their businesses.

Here's some of what WP Mastery Club Members get:

  • Screencasts on using WordPress more effectively
  • Tutorials on using the most popular themes
  • Tutorials on using the most important plugins
  • Lessons on selling paid membership programs
  • Email marketing strategies to generate more leads from your website
  • Tips to make your site look professional
  • How to work with WP developers

That's everything online business owners need to know. You can do all the work yourself, or you'll learn how to work with WP developers.

Additionally, I'll be offering new content every month:

  • a 60-minute Q&A hangout with an online marketing expert and myself
  • new tutorials and contents every week
  • weekly office hours with me in the exclusive Facebook group
  • monthly targeted training calls

Prelaunching The WP Mastery Club

To validate my idea for this community, I'm pre-launching it these days.

Currently, I'm accepting 20 early-bird members to join the Club while I'm creating it.

That offer has only been promoted to my loyal readers on my mailing list; I didn't share it publicly until now.

So far, I got amazing responses that make me feel confident about the need for a course like this.

However, the only true validation is when money comes in. I'm sure that I'll get a reasonable number of paying early-bird members for the WP Mastery Club.

If you want to join early and lock in a $50/month discount, sign up here to reserve your seat!

Next week I'll share with you how I did the pre-launch, what I could have done better and what worked extremely well.

Until then, make sure to reserve your spot in the first 20 early-bird members of the WP Mastery Club!

pThere's a surprise coming for early bird members 😉

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