How To Sell Your eBook

Mai 21, 2013 3 mins to read

It’s done! My eBook The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle is ready to be sold! You can learn in it, how successful entrepreneurs manage their challenges and overcome struggles. I’ve interviewed big names like Neil Patel, Spencer Haws and Jeremy Frandsen. In this post I want to show you, how you can sell your eBook online without having any technical knowledge!

Sell Your eBook With WordPress

In the beginning I have been using WordPress to sell my eBook. I listed the resources below, all of them are free except for the Pre-Order plugin. You can set things up quite easily, WooCommerce is straightforward to use and also comes with extensive tutorials.


Sell Your eBook With Amazon

Selling your eBook on Amazon is easier than you might expect. It’s a great way to go with, since Amazon has millions of visitors and buyers every day. The Kindle market is increasing more and more, so you might want to consider selling your eBook for Kindle as well. Once you’ve written an eBook, chosen your audience and have done all cover design stuff, you’re ready to go. When publishing for Kindle, you need to format your eBook to HTML. You could do this yourself or outsource it to specialized companies like 52novels. Of course you can sell it as PDF, .epub or .mobi.

When you sell your eBook for at least $2.99 you can get 70% royalties. When you price it at $0.99 you get 35% royalties. If you apply for the Kindle Direct Publishing Program, your eBook will be in the program for 90 days. That could help you attract new readers and you may give your eBook away for free for five days.


  • Choose the audience
  • Write the eBook
  • Complete the design
  • Kindle Formatting
  • Choose the price
  • Upload to Amazon

Sell Your eBook On E-Junkie

E-Junkie is a very popular way to sell eBooks online. You buy an account for as little as $5 per month and upload your eBook as .doc or .pdf. E-Junkie takes care of the complete selling and delivering process. Each buyer get’s an identical copy of your uploaded file. What’s great about E-Junkie is the PDF-Stamping. You can print the buyers name and transaction-ID into the upper left corner of your document. With this you can discourage your buyers from sharing their purchased files.

Things to know

  • Works for single file donwloads
  • Download links provided in 15 minutes after upload
  • More info here

Now you know three of the most popular ways to sell your eBook online. If you want to learn on this topic, you may visit those sites:

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