How Do You Earn Passive Income As A Content Creator?

September 25, 2022 4 mins to read

Do you want to earn passive income as a content creator? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? most content creators chase. Essentially, you want to do the work (i.e. create the content) once and get paid repeatedly.

My passive income currently pays for our car and will come in handy when heating costs explode in winter.

I’m not yet at the level where my passive income covers all my family’s living costs, but it won’t take long to get there.

With the help of and The AI Author, I can crank up my content production without purely relying on AI. This will lead to more organic traffic on the website, more clicks on affiliate links, and more attractive sponsorship opportunities.

The challenge with passive income is that it is building up slowly in most cases. It’s not like you create content, and out of nowhere, the money appears in your bank account.

Opening your favorite writing tool or social media platform and publishing content is not enough if you want to cover your living expenses with passive income in the future.

Getting notifications from PayPal about new payouts from affiliate programs I am in or from companies taking up sponsorship packages never gets old.

I am personally reinvesting parts of that passive income into a portfolio that creates even more passive income through dividends and yield – creating a compounding flywheel if you so will.

„Living off passive income is not a myth. It takes planning and diligence to save and invest, but automating it is easy and reliable. Start by setting up a Dollar Cost Average plan today and you’ll reap the rewards as your portfolio grows.“

Trajan King, Invincible Robots

I got there by strategically serving my audience, being consistent in my marketing production, and building relationships.

You can do the same. By following the strategies outlined in this issue of the Uncommon Solopreneur, you’ll sooner than later build up that nice passive income stream!

How do I earn passive income as a content creator right now?

And more importantly, what can you learn from those efforts?

Right now, I have the following sources of passive income as a content creator:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online courses
  • A self-published book
  • Brand ambassadorship for Cloudways

I am working on the following revenue sources:

  • Sponsors for the Uncommon Solopreneur newsletter
  • Paid content communities

The brand ambassadorship for Cloudways is my favorite right now because it’s not just predictable, but I get paid to do what I love – create content for an amazing web hosting company that I use myself.

When you work with sponsors, you want to ensure that you can stand behind their brand. I’ve been with Cloudways since 2015. Speaking with their team became an essential part of my week, and I love how they emphasize educating their audience.

Of course, affiliate marketing is a common way to make money, and seeing payout notifications in Paypal never gets old.

With my content strategy using and The AI Author, I will ramp up my blog content massively over the next months. That should drive a lot more traffic via SEO, leading to more clicks on affiliate links and more sales for my course on getting sponsors.


To earn passive income as a content creator, you’ve got to focus on building an engaged audience.

No matter what platform you’re on, once people trust you enough to follow your recommendations, you’re in the position to earn residual income.

Here are screenshots of a few payouts from affiliate programs I am in that came through this month

Proof that you can earn passive income as a content creator
A snapshot of my recent affiliate payouts in Paypal.

I can attribute every one of those payouts to the content I create every week.

Being a member of the right programs is important. As with any offer, you need to ensure that what you promote is relevant and helpful for your audience.

First Steps To Earn Passive Income As A Content Creator

Out of the income streams listed above, affiliate marketing and getting sponsored are probably the fastest ways to generate income.

Assuming you have at least 1000 subscribers or no less than 1000 followers on your biggest social profile, you can make either of them work.

I’d say try to get a sponsor for the content you’re creating or start pitching for brand deals.

In the process, you’ll build invaluable relationships and sharpen your marketing skills. You’ll need both to recession-proof your lifestyle.

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