Building An Internet Business With Chase Reeves

I'm very happy about this interview, because I got the chance to speak with one of my idols in Internet business.

I interviewed Chase Reeves, who's the co-host of Think Traffic and Fizzle.

Chase teaches some great stuff inside Fizzle and his videos for Think Traffic are simply brilliant.

We're going through a case study about building an Internet business that will provide you long-term income.

Resources mentioned:

Instead of trying to get rich quick, you should start building an internet business that will support you with long-term income.

3 Pillars Of Building An Internet Business

Chase names 3 pillars you should take care of when you're building an Internet business:

  1. Find something you're passionate or obsessive about
  2. Find something you're good at
  3. Find something that people are looking for or interested in

You don't need to have all three in the beginning.

Just start writing about a topic that you're really passionate about and that won't bore you next year.

Over time you'll grow your knowledge and become an expert in your field.

So there's no need to be scared of not being an expert. You'll become an expert just through blogging about your topic.

After you gained more knowledge, you can start building an internet business and find a way to make money with your knowledge.

Putting your personality into play will grow your audience just naturally over time. And then you'll have people tell you what they want from you.

Personal Branding In Internet Business

Personal branding is a topic with lots of buzz these days.

That's why I wanted to know from Chase, how he thinks about personal branding when somebody is building an internet business.

The essence was, that personal branding isn't something that you can get by using a sleek theme, nice images and lots of overhyped content.

Instead personal branding happens almost naturally when you're putting your personality into play - somehow that sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Just focus on the content you're putting out and on the benefits for your audience.

Then you'll see that your personal brand just develops over time.

There's a lot more content in this interview than what I just wrapped up here.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this interview, I personally think that it's the best interview I've done so far!



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