🦾 #3 Zoom IQ, my AI Podcast Interview, and more

April 17, 2023 5 mins to read

This is the #3 edition helping you amplify your marketing skills using AI.

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My #1 AI Discovery This Week

Zoom IQ is rolling out big updates. They’ve announced in a blog post what’s coming and frankly, they’re setting new standards for video conferencing.

„Say a team member joins their Zoom meeting late, they can ask Zoom IQ to summarize what they’ve missed in real time and ask further questions. If they need to create a whiteboard session for their meeting, Zoom IQ can generate it based on text prompts. Once the session ends, Zoom IQ will summarize the meeting and post that recap to Zoom Team Chat, even suggesting actions for owners to take on.“

Creating content is one of the biggest use cases I see for AI in the coming years. Today, writing content with AI is working excellent but image and video generation is in its infancy stages.

At work, the little things add up to a lot of time and energy — the time it takes to compose an email, find the notes about a call you missed, or catch up on unread chats.

By expediting these smaller tasks, we gain more than just time. We unlock greater creativity and collaboration for ourselves and our teams.

With Zoom IQ helping out with little things, you’ll have the space to focus on the big picture: the connections you make with team members and the experience you provide to your customers.

➡️ Have a look at the blog post.

The AI Prompt Of The Week

I’ve recently rebranded from my personal brand to an agency brand, KCONSULT. With that rebrand, I had to also update my bio and write an About page.

Of course, AI came to the rescue – specifically GPT4. I’m a big fan of the Storybrand framework and thought, why not use AI to write a new bio and About section with that method?

Here’s the prompt I came up with:

Act like a Storybrand-certified marketer. Write a mission statement following the old bio given above. This mission statement will be used on my About page on the website of my consulting business KCONSULT

I’ve also given GPT4 my current bio and company description as input. The result was quite impressive!

➡️ Read the new About page here.

Industry News

Are AI-driven B2B marketing and sales solutions truly the magic wand they’re made out to be? What about AI ethics?

In my perspective, communicating your AI Ethics Standards will become an impactful competitive advantage very soon.

➡️ Read my latest article on the blog.

Microsoft announced it is bringing the next generation of AI to cybersecurity with the launch of Microsoft Security Copilot, giving defenders a much-needed tool to quickly detect and respond to threats and better understand the threat landscape overall.

Security Copilot will combine Microsoft’s vast threat intelligence footprint with industry-leading expertise to augment the work of security professionals through an easy-to-use AI assistant.

➡️ Read the full article on the Microsoft Blog.

A technology survival guide for resilience was recently been published by McKinsey, one of the big four consulting businesses.

Resilience means understanding the criticality of a business process, the capability of the underlying technology, the business impact if the technology fails, and the organization’s risk tolerance.

➡️ Read the full article on the McKinsey Blog.

My Favorite Tweet & Tool

Godmode.space is a BabyAGI. What’s that?

A BabyAGI is an artificial intelligence tool that chains multiple commands together and, thereby, develops its own dynamic and decision-making process.

While I haven’t yet gotten great results from it (I’ve only tried it 3 times), this clearly shows the direction this space is moving to. Click the image to try it for yourself.

And for my favorite tweet, I’ve got to share the podcast episode I did with Bob Gentle this week. He shared that this is by far the most popular episode ever on his show, so don’t miss out!

twitter profile avatarBob Gentle – AmplifyMe™Twitter Logo@bobgentleThe one in which @iamjankoch and I have a long chat about Amplifying your Personal Brand with AI. youtu.be/QUHp-MsTujUlink visualUsing ChatGPT to Amplify your Personal Brand, wi…Welcome to today’s episode of our podcast where we dive deep into the world of personal branding and…youtu.beApril 14th 20231Retweets1Likes

Here’s the direct link to the podcast.

Thanks, [first name goes here]! Have a good night! 😊

– Founder, KCONSULT

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