Why my Twitter account @mygob got suspended

Hi everyone,

this post is about a failure of mine, that you definitely don't want to make. It all began, that I created the Twitter account @mygob for me and this blog. My purpose was of course to spread my posts and all the things I have to say as broad as possible. Therefore Twitter is one great possibility to reach a lot of different and interesting people. So it was no question to me, that I needed a Twitter account.


And what's the goal of mostly all Twitter users? You're right, everyone wants to have as much followers as possible. A new Twitter user has only way to get attention, he must follow other users, who might be interested in his topic. Some of those user follow him back and so you're followers list is growing and growing.

With my account @denksportit you can see, that I've got about 234 followers. This account is for my company and I don't really use it right now, because I'm focused on this project. So please make sure, that you're following @mygob and not @denksportit.

Back to the suspension of @mygob:
In the first three days I followed about 140 people and built a followers list of about 50 people. I was absolutely loving it, because I had great conversations, for example with @cocopalms61. Thanks to Kimberly I met some very interesting people and was about to learn a lot from those. But one morning I woke up and @mygob was suspended for spam-like behaviour. Because I followed 140 people in three days, Twitters algorithm treated me as a spambot!

Ok, the first suspension is quite uncomfortable, but I was able to get @mygob back the same morning. What did I do? I thought to myself, if Twitter thinks that I'm following to many people, I better unfollow some of them and get my follower/following ratio back to normal. So I unfollowed about 60 users (that didn't follow me back) on this day. Boom, the next suspension. Now I realised, that I wasn't suspended because of the follower/following ratio, at least not primarily. It was because of the following/unfollowing changes in short time!  I could slap myself in the face for making the same mistake twice, but I did it. Right now I'm fighting, to get my account reactivated and I hope, that the suspension didn't make my followers think, that I'm a spambot.

The essence of this is: Don't follow or unfollow much users in short time!

Wish me luck, that @mygob will be reactivated quickly.

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