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The Uncommon Solopreneur Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring The Uncommon Solopreneur newsletter.

I am offering two sponsorship opportunities in my newsletter with over 4,000 subscribers.

Being featured in my newsletter is an easy and effective way to get your product, service, or content in front of an engaged audience of entrepreneurs, digital agency owners, and content creators.

So join companies like Cloudways, Yoast, DevriX, and more that sponsored my content and events.

What You Get As A Sponsor

When you purchase a sponsorship, you get one advertisement in four issues (four placements total) of the Uncommon Solopreneur newsletter that goes out every Saturday at 10 am CST.

Every Monday at 10 am CST, I am sending the same issue with a new subject line to the un-opens to maximize the reach.

Your ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads in that issue. 

You will be in four newsletters and can submit a distinct ad for each one.

The Uncommon Solopreneur newsletter is delivered to 4,000+ readers with an average open rate of 46%.

That means your sponsorship will be seen by 7,300+ people over the course of four issues.

Your link in the newsletter usually gets 50-100 clicks. In total, you can expect 200-400 clicks to your offer.

Your sponsorship will also remain online forever on each newsletter as they are published on my website and visited thousands of times per year as I promote them on social media.

The cost to run an ad campaign is $1,000 USD.

Ad Creative Requirements

  • Ads are text-only, 1 sentence long, and can include one link.
  • Example: "Today's issue is brought to you by the best cloud hosting company for WordPress agencies and freelancers."
  • You will provide the copy and I will edit it to fit into the newsletter.
  • Ad copy is due 72 hours before the newsletter goes out.
  • All ads are subject to editorial approval.

Reserve your sponsorship here. ($1000 USD)


Any questions? Email jan@jankoch.co