Setting Up My Internet Business – CW 17 / 2013

April 29, 2013 4 mins to read

Welcome to my weekly review on setting up my internet business. This will be the last public review, I’m going to focus more on new content, than on review.

Instead of publishing this review as a post every monday, I’m going to integrate it in my newsletter. So be sure to sign up 🙂

The last week was very productive, I released three new blog posts, started using a new project management tool and chatted with interesting people. I also did a little redesign on this page and integrated two great plugins.

Google SEO Guide, Procastination and a MacBook

The first post last week was about my SEO actions. According to the RankTracker in Market Samurai I’ve reached Googles Top Ten for my target keyword. So I created a Google SEO guide with the steps that I made to rank well.

A subscriber of my newsletter inspired me to the second post about procastination. It’s a problem that we all face and that we all must overcome, if we want to be successful. While I’m setting up my internet business I do procastinate sometimes. So I’ve developed methods to avoid procastination and to be more efficient. You can see these methods in the according blogpost.

The last post was again inspired by one of my friends. We discussed about the hardware we’re using, he’s a Windows guy, I’m a Mac fan. So I decided to write a post on how I’m  using my Mac while setting up my internet business. I wanted to show you, which hardware and software I’m using to boost my efficiency.

Project Management

Project management is really important, even when you’re a solopreneur. I’m planning a membership site, which will be developed in cooperation with a freelance writer. As you can tell, this is no simple task. There are several tasks to complete:

  • Create content and structure it in several modules
  • Create materials like checklists, how-to’s and videos
  • Set up a membership site
  • Promote the site
  • …..

To coordinate this tasks and the progress in the project, I signed up to Asana. This project management and collaboration platform is used by great players like Dropbox, AirBnB or Pinterest. For me, the free plan is totally sufficient and it works great. My teammate is not that into informatics and web-applications but she has absolutely no problems in using Asana and working on her tasks.

Keep in mind, that project management is necessary! It can boost your productivity, because you don’t get overwhelmed with tasks.

Refining My Website

Refining your website is something you should do regurlarly. Most times it’s done via A/B Testing, you can find a guide for A/B Testing with Google Analytics right here.

I got some really valuable insights on the design of my page from members of the Internet Business Mastery Academy*. They suggested to remove all Google Adsense and to reduce the whitespace in my header. They also said, that my logo is confusing and that they understood it only after reading why I chose my logo.

Also they recommended to install Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to keep my visitors longer on my site. And finally I installed Popup Domination, which is a plugin that allows visitors to subscribe to my newsletter. After the first weeks with an opt-in plugin in my sidebar, I want to boost my conversion rates. I’ll give you a feedback in some weeks, when I’ve got some experience with this plugin.

I hope, that you can benefit from this review and my progress in setting up my internet business.

To your success,



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