Setting Up My Internet Business – CW 16 / 2013

April 22, 2013 5 mins to read

Welcome to my second weekly review on setting up my internet business for CW 16 / 2013!

I hope, this post get’s as many views as the review of my first week. After just one week it got incredible 229 views! So this makes me confident that you’re still reading this and are curious about my progress in setting up my internet business.

I see this reviews as a method of measuring, how close I’m coming to my goals. It’s really important to take one action every day, that brings you forward and until now I’m taking even more actions per day 😉

This week was greatly influenced by three main topics: Collaboration, Writing, Sports. I’ve met two great people and I’ve made progress on writing my ebook and setting up my very first membership website. But one step after another.

Collaborating with other Online Entrepreneurs

Collaboration and networking is especially important for upcoming online entrepreneurs like me. Building up a network of partners and friends is a great opportunity to get your name out there and reach more people. Today it’s easier than ever to contact to the really famous people. You just send them an email, contact them on Facebook or Twitter.

Just like I did with Josh Taylor. Josh is a social entrepreneur, who is currently challenged by Sir Richard Branson. I read about Josh in the Business Punk magazine and sent him an email. that I’d like to interview him for my upcoming book.

I’ve gotten a lot of great insights from Josh. In his projects he has to face an incredible amount of various problems. He has developed some genius methods to conquer his fears and to avoid any uncertainties. His methods will be published in my ebook and I really think they will push you forward.

Another great person I got in touch with is Elena Korsakova. She’s a fellow student at the Internet Business Mastery University and is setting up her internet business very similar to mine.

I helped her a little with her WordPress page and we skyped about how we can combine our knowledge to have the maximum impact on the world. We want to help other people to become successful online entrepreneurs, so instead of fighting each other and trying to beat out each others websites in Google, we decided to combine our knowledge to reach similar goals.

The third person which I collaborated with is the German freelance writer Irina Kapatschinski. She has great content and really writes great texts! We decided to redesign her blog in June and to setup her second blog with another topic.

But the very great aspect was, that she’ll work with me on my membership site. We’ll develop a course on „How to write an ebook“ and of course her knowledge is really great on writing and publishing. Also we’ll aggregate the knowledge and experiences of her friends, which are mostly successful authors in Germany.

When you join forces with others, you can boost your business and theirs with a huge amount of traffic. Build your network as big as possible! You don’t know, what problems you’ll have to face in your future!


Obviously, writing is a big component of setting up my my internet business. Writing blogposts is always a part that I really love. Also I was writing a lot for my ebook last week. I developed some methods that boosted my efficiency in writing and that helped me to finally begin writing the first chapter of my book.

Also related to writing is content management. What do you want to write about? How do you organize your content? As I’m writing my ebook right now and planning a course on writing an ebook, content management was a huge part last week. I use the free mindmapping tool Xmind, which allows me to develop highly flexible mind maps.

The first lesson I learned was: Don’t write anything before having a plan!


The last part of the week was sports. I’m a passionate table tennis player and I’ve had two matches this week. Unfortunately my team lost the first one but we won the second and finished our season at 3rd in our league. Sports is really important for me while setting up my internet business, because I can calm down and forget all the things I want to do.

I use sports as compensation to my time in front of the computer and I love to outspend myself and fight for the victory. It’s such a great feeling when you’re winning 🙂

Also sports is a very good opportunity for learning how to handle defeats. You have to stay fair to your opponent. When he earned his victory, it’s totally ok. Then you’ll have to practise, to get better and then try to win the next time. Don’t forget: sports is about fun!

So, this was CW 16/2013. I’ve met great people and built my network a little bit further. I hope you can benefit of this short review. Leave me a comment if you have any questions and be sure to signup to my newsletter!

To your success,


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