Internet business summary – CW 15 / 2013

April 15, 2013 6 mins to read

Hi everyone,

in the last week I’ve decided to start a weekly summary of my actions, success stories and failures. I think, that this is a great way to show you, how I’m setting up my internet business. As I’ve said, I want to encourage you to start taking control over your life and start reaching your goals. Of course, I don’t know your goals, but you can see mine here. If you’re  a bit like me, you are not happy with just working 9-to-5, knowing that you could do better and not having time for friends and family. Your job is draining your energy and you think of so much other stuff you could do while your working.

I hope, that my story inspires you and embolds you to take action in setting up your internet business.

Creating values for setting up my internet business


For me the most important aspect in setting up my internet business is to create value for your audience! This value may result in blogposts, ebooks, video courses or chats with your audience. For me, I’ve chosen this blog as my primarily way to communicate with you. In the last week I’ve created these posts and pages:

In Why my twitter account @mygob got suspended I’m showing you, what things you want to take care of, when you’re starting with internet marketing on Twitter. You’ll have to follow some rules to be successful on Twitter and unfortunately I broke some of those, so I’ve been suspended. So you’ll want to read this, to be safe on Twitter and don’t make the mistakes I made.

As you may know, I’m setting up my internet business with affiliate marketing. So of course, I want to show you, what I’m doing and How to start with affiliate marketing. In this post you learn how to choose the best affiliate products, sign up as an affiliate and successfully promote your affiliate products.

With the page Starting an internet business is supposed to show you three methods for setting up an internet business. Understand this page as a point to start with your internet business and get started with earning money online.

With my Commendations I want to share all tools I use, persons I’m in contact with and learning ressources  I get knowledge from. It’s a great starting point for you, to make the next step and take action for your online business.

In my Review of Market Samurai I’m explaining why I love Market Samurai so much and how my internet business benefits from detailed keyword research. I definitely recommend using Market Samurai. They are offering a free trial, so you can test it without any risk.

Cooperating with great people

Cooperating with successful people was another big part of my week. I chatted a lot with Tim Osterbuhr, who started with internet business back in 2008 (or so) and is making a lot money with niche sites, smartphone apps and of course with SuGoX, his german website selling platform. Tim is an old friend of mine, we met first at tabletennis. It’s really impressive what he achieved so far and his plans are even more impressive to me.

Another person I got in touch with is Josh Taylor from I read about Josh’s submersible project and his challenge from Sir Richard Branson in the Business Punk mag and I instantly contacted him to ask for an interview. Right now I’m writing on my ebook, which shall help you conquer your fears while setting up an internet business. For me it was really challenging to let go of my 9-to-5, but now I know that it’s totally the right decision. Josh is a person who has to face new challenges nearly every day. So in my interview with him I will learn a lot on how he conquers his fears and masters his challenges.

A key to success is to surround yourself with like-minded people. In conversations with those people, you’ll get the best ideas. So I chatted with Elena Korsakova, another member of the Internet Business Mastery Academy*. She’s planning to help people get started with internet business in Russia. Her idea is pretty similar to mine, so we decided to work together and combine our knowledge.

My eBook and the writing course

I had to overcome many fears, before I finally escaped my 9-to-5 and started this online business. Right now I can say, that it’s one of the best decisions I made in my life! I have full control over my life, work when I want and communicate with great people. In my ebook I want to show you, how I’ve conquered my fears and why setting up my internet business wasn’t half as hard as I expected. In the last week I’ve created the outline of my book and did some deeper research on this topic. I organized interviews with people who successfully live the life they’re dreaming of and who have reached their goals. I plan to publish my ebook on May, 23rd. Signup to my newsletter to get an exclusive discount of 50%!

You can benefit of this in two different ways. You can read my eBook and learn, how I overcame my fears and how others started their internet businesses. Second, I’m creating a writing course to teach you, how to write your own ebook. Ebooks are a great way, to generate passive income. You write them once and than sell them (hopefully) many times online. Because I’m writing my ebook right now and I’m learning every day new tricks, I want to share this knowledge with you. I’m in contact with an experienced freelance writer in Germany, who gives lots of advices and shares her knowledge with me. So I’m using success proven methods in my book. I learned that anyone can write an ebook, so I want to help you to get started. I hope, that the course will be ready also on May 23rd, so stay tuned!

Books I read

There are lots of books on setting up an internet business, but which of them are really good? Right now I’m reading The Millionaire Fastlane* by MJ deMarco and it’s by far the best book I ever read on internet business. It unveals a mathematical formula, which shows the creation of wealth. deMarco divides the life in three parts: the sidewalk, the slowlane and the fastlane to success. Each of which has a different concept and a different formula to get wealthy. He shows practical applicable methods how you can change your lifestyle to get wealthy quick (but not to get wealthy easy!).

That’s it, the CW 15 / 2013 in summary. I hope, you enjoyed reading this long article and that I was able to provide useful information to you. If you want to stay tuned on my progress, just signup to my mailing newsletter.


 * = Affiliate link

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