My Story Forces Me To Earn Income Online Now

Juni 25, 2013 9 mins to read

Internet business is great and I really love the freedom that it gives you. But it’s very hard to earn income online now.

Especially when you need to make a living of internet business, earning income online right from the beginning is crucial. For me that means, earning income online now.

The most preached way to generate income in internet business is to make people trust you.

Only when people trust you, they’ll buy your products, use your affiliate links, hire you as a consultant, or invite you to speaking events.

That is a normal process and it is very hard to speed it up. You can try and present as many (affiliate) products as you like on your website. People won’t buy when they don’t trust you.

Even more important, it’s the other way around. The more products your advertising, the more feel people that you’re only trying to sell them stuff.

Nevertheless, I love the freedom that internet business has brought into my life.

There is no chance, that I’m ever becoming a fulltime employee again.

Why Do I Need To Earn Income Online Now?

As you might know, I’ve cut off my hours as employee by half, which means that I’m only earning half the money.

I’m planning to move out of my parents house and into my own apartment together with my girlfriend in the beginning of September ’13.

This is why I need my internet business to fill up the missing half of my paycheck. Otherwise I won’t be able to pay my bills and the dream of the first own apartment will burst like a bubble.

Right now I’m lacking 600€ per month to pay all the bills that will start coming in from September onwards.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

This is why I want to share my strategy with you, how I’m planning to grow my income to overcome this magic border.

Please don’t get this post wrong. I don’t want to encourage you to buy my products or use my affiliate links! But I believe that people should be more transparent with their goals and challenges.

I’m not begging for any money but instead I want to find the quickest way to solve my problem. I don’t want your pity. I want to invite you to follow my journey with me and start making some money online to support your desired lifestyle.

Ways To Earn Income Online Now

I’m convinced that almost everyone starting internet business wants to earn some income online right from the beginning. But unfortunately not everyone is honest about it. Please be honest, you do want to earn money quickly without working hard, don’t you? This is nothing to blame somebody for, in fact I think this is quite natural.

People are searching for ways to follow their purpose and they want to spend the time with activities they love instead of working all the time. And passive income is just one opportunity out of many to create what’s called a Lifestyle Business. I’m no exception. My desired lifestyle is financed by passive income, so I can concentrate working on projects that catch my interest. To earn income online now, I have two opportunities to speed up the process of earning income online:

  1. I need to accelerate the process of gaining people’s trust.
  2. I need to make money without having people trust me.

The latter might sound like betraying people and selling them things they don’t need. That is totally wrong! You’ll see later why the second strategy will work with staying honest and trustworthy and why it probably can work faster than the first method.

Accelerating the Process of Gaining Trust

As I said before, you don’t buy products from someone you don’t trust. The reason for this is as easy as it’s human. When you aren’t convinced that something is beneficial for you, why should you care about it?

But have you ever asked yourself why you trust people?

Trust is based on several components. One is the appearance. When you see someone who doesn’t even look trustworthy, your barrier of trusting him is higher than when you have to trust someone with a likable appearance.

This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit all the time. In fact, people decide if someone looks trustworthy, when his appearance aligns with his behaviour, his statements, and when it’s suitable for the current situation.

So what does this mean for internet businesses?

To earn income online now, I need to make sure, that my appearance is as trustworthy as possible. I’m following this principle in several ways:

  • I’ve structured my websites to make myself accessible as a person.
  • I’m acting like a normal guy, because I am nothing more special than you are.
  • I choose friendly pictures of myself.

Another very important component that builds trust is the behaviour. Humans recognize if people are faking their behaviour or if they’re acting in natural ways.

People are trusting those, who show vulnerabilities and imperfection, act in a likeable manner, follow common etiquette rules, and share information that others would keep secret.

This is why:

  • I’m telling you the truth about my current situation in this blog post.
  • I’m holding no information back, I’m publishing every single thing that I consider worth sharing.
  • I’m sharing not only success stories but also failures on my second blog about internet business ideas (not live anymore, but merged with this blog)
  • I’m sharing my plans on how to make my living online with you.
  • I wrote an eBook about my past and the successes and failures in building up my company.

The last pillar of trust might be the public opinion. When you know, that your best friend doesn’t like a certain vendor, would you buy his products? Most likely not, since your trusting your best friend more than the vendor.

When you know, that people are disrespected by the public opinion, it’s hard to build up trust to those persons.

This causes me to connect to as much of you as possible and to show you, who I really am:

  • I’ll answer any mail you send me or comment you leave on my blog.
  • I comment on other blogs (no, it’s not about getting backlinks, but about building relationships!)
  • I’m interviewing great entrepreneurs and publish the video chats.
  • My eBook contains interviews with popular people.

I hope that following those guidelines will allow you to trust me. Of course it’s still your decision and it’s OK if it turns out, that you don’t want to trust me. If that’s the case please leave a comment below and tell me the reason.

Building trust has several benefits for your audience:

  1. They like you and enjoy consuming your content.
  2. They are assured, that they benefit from your products.
  3. They can enrich their lives with your help.

Gaining trust is your overall success!

Earning Income Online Without People’s Trust?

When trust is so essential for earning income online, is it even possible to earn money online without making people trust you?

For long-term income, the answer is definitely NO! You simply need to be trusted when you want to earn money online in long-term relation.

But when it comes to earning income online now, there is a method which requires a relatively low level of trust.

Start developing Niche Sites

Niche sites are websites, that are specifically created to rank high in Google and attract free traffic.

I’ve started a challenge on my blog for internet business called The Micro Niche Site Challenge.

They are targeted at specific keywords which have a certain amount of monthly visitors.

Most times, niche sites are monetized by using Google Adsense. This means, that you place ads on your niche site and hope, that people click on them. For each click you’ll earn money.

How much trust does it take someone to click on an ad? Almost no trust, since in fact people will leave your site when they click on an ad.

It is the perfect method to make income online now.

But be aware of the fact, that you will still require some time to make a niche site rank in Google. There are people how made the first dollars after two weeks.

Though until you earn a recent amount of money, you should plan at least two months.

I don’t want you to expect, that you can get rich with niche sites quickly. But you they are a great way to starting earning income online now and to build up passive income streams.

This is why I’m creating a niche site right now!

My Plan To Start Earning Income Online Now

The plan is to create a niche site, that earns me some money to build up a steady income stream. You can follow that process here.

Also I re-introduced Google Adsense to my second blog. Since it has a bounce rate around 80%, people are reading a single post and then leave to other sites. This is why I think that Adsense won’t hurt them.

In my eBook and on my websites I’m referring to affiliate products. Those can be books on Amazon, software products like keyword tools, or membership programs. I only refer to affiliate products when I’m sure that people benefit from them and I always integrate them in a way that doesn’t force people to buy. Nevertheless, I’m thankful when you decide to use them and support me on this way!

As I know that affiliate products work best when people trust me, I’m starting a series of interviews. I’ll try to publish one interview with a popular entrepreneur per week, the next one is scheduled for June 27th. Working with the best might establish my position as someone who knows what he’s doing.

I have long-term goals as well, like developing an iOS app, writing a second book, creating membership programs, and so on and so forth. But those will be published when the time has come, for now I’ll focus on earning the missing 600€ per month, so that I can move together with my girlfriend in September 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this post. I know, that some people won’t like it, because they don’t like to admit that their goal is to money as quickly as possible. But I think that this is a normal desire, because money simply introduces freedom into our lives.

I’m more than happy if you leave a comment and share this post if you like it.



10 Comments on “My Story Forces Me To Earn Income Online Now”

  1. Well done Jan! I look forward to reading about your progress. Check out Dennis Beckers One profits course, It is very down to earth straightforward and great inspiring read, I think you will dig it!

    1. Jan Koch
      Juni 26, 2013

      Hi Nick,
      thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely check it out!

  2. Jan, Clay TheSmileguy here (from FB IBMA) I liked your post, very well written in an easy to follow conversational tone. If you have a few minutes I’d like to share some information with you that could be beneficial for your online business. Shoot me a email at
    Talk soon!

    1. Jan Koch
      Juni 26, 2013

      Hi Clay,
      thanks for dropping by!
      I just sent you an email 🙂

  3. Good luck with your niche sites! I can’t wait to hear more about them. I have tried niche sites, and I can see the power in them (I started one, have done absolutely nothing with it, no effort at all, and I get from $0-2 a day, not bad for no effort. Now, if only I put effort into it!). I don’t think it is for me right now, but something that I would love to do in the future. Can’t wait to ride the journey with you.

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying about being open and transparent. I want to do that on my blog/website/business as well.

    I can’t wait to get to your ebook. I need to put aside a day for catching up on reading. I have had a flick through it and it looks amazing.

    1. Jan Koch
      Juni 26, 2013

      Thank you for your kind words Carlie 🙂
      I’m curious as well how the niche sites will perform and I’m confident, that they are a good start to close the whole.

      Looking forward to hear your opinion on my eBook!

  4. Hi Jan,

    This is a great post, thanks for sharing your story with us, very inspiring! I am sure you will become very successful and your sites will take off, because you are a person who is taking the right action and moving forward all the time.

    I am not currently into niche sites too much, but it is something I will consider later on, so I will definitely follow your journey and learn from what you are doing 🙂

    Looking forward to hear more about your niche sites and progress!

    All the best,

    1. Jan Koch
      Juli 1, 2013

      Hi Navid,

      thank you for your kind words!
      You can follow the progress on my niche site here.
      I hope the results turn out so good, that you have no other chance but to also create some niche sites 😉

      Best regards,

  5. Thanks for the post! I’ll love to follow up on your progress! Also doing niche sites. =)

    1. Jan Koch
      Juli 1, 2013

      Hi Victor,
      thanks for dropping by!
      I just released the second blog post of my Micro Niche Site Challenge on my other blog.
      I’ll publish an in-depth review here when the challenge is finished 🙂


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