JK TV 1 - How A Website Changed My Life

JK TV is my new weekly show on Web Design, WordPress, and Online Business. You`ll learn how to leverage WordPress to the fullest without technical skills, and how to build an online business that scales and uses success-proven systems.

This is really exciting stuff, because I figured that lots of entrepreneurs I've been working with were held back by not taking full advantage of their website. For me, doing this Youtube show is a new experience and as you can tell I still need to get used to recording myself on camera, but even though I'm not good in front of the camera, I definitely am good in the stuff I'm about to share with you 😉

In this first episode you`ll learn how and why one website has completely changed my life. I`ll show you the process of how I became self-employed, and what staying in the hospital for 2 days has to do with it.

From now on I'll publish a video each Wednesday at 3pm CEST on my Youtube channel and on this blog, sharing real-life tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your website - without the need for extraordinary technical skills.

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