How Pat Flynn Would Start An Online Business

Juni 17, 2013 2 mins to read

On Friday June 14th I had an interview with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, in order to talk about his great eBook Let Go.

After a short talk about his eBook, we drift into internet business and talk about topics like how to start an internet business, personal branding, email marketing, productivity, and collaboration.

He states, how he would start an internet business today, without having any site or product developed.

He makes clear, that you have to create awesome content and really help your audience, if you want to create such a deep relationship to your audience like he did with his.

His success was based on a site called Green Exam Academy, where he helps people to pass a special exam in architecture. The only reason for the site to be that successful was, that he wasn’t selling anything!

The visitors shared his site, because he just helps them, with what they wanted to know: how to pass the exam.

No selling, no marketing, just pure content.

On that base he was able to sell an eBook and make $100,000+ in the first year.

This seems like a very quick success, but it took him 18 months to build that site!

Building relationships in internet business just takes a lot of time.

This is why he gives some really valuable advice how to earn money quickly and brand yourself as fast as possible!

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