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3-Day Freelance Authority Bootcamp

Become a six-figure freelancer and always know how much you'll earn next month.

It's time to ditch the sleepless nights and going through your days worrying where the next project comes from.

You work hard for your clients. You should be able to say "No" to the wrong companies and not having to take them on because you need the money. This Bootcamp helps you build a six-figure freelance business.

3-Day Live Bootcamp. August 24-26, 2022. 

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These Mistakes Hold Most Freelancers Back

This Bootcamp will help you shortcut your journey to building a profitable and predictable freelancing career, setting you up to get to six figures in revenue reliably. 

It's based on my experience from building my freelance business since 2013. You'll learn the exact steps I take to always have clients and projects lined up. The right type of clients, I should add.

You've probably had your fair share of clients with whom you dreaded every single conversation and where the projects were going on forever - eating up all profits you wanted to earn.

Here's the problem: If you cannot afford to ditch difficult clients, these projects will slowly ruin your freelance career.

You know, these types of clients that micro-manage you and second-guess every single step in the project can truly eat up your enthusiasm for the work you should be enjoying.

Oftentimes, it's a single project that makes you want to stay in bed in the mornings. Just thinking about checking emails gives you a sour taste in your mouth - thinking of how little you charge for the project doesn't make the work more fun either...

Being dragged down by just one difficult client, you don't feel like doing marketing, you don't do your best work for your other clients, and you'll hit a (very low) income ceiling in your business.

I've been there and I don't want you to be stuck working with bad clients and struggling for predictable cash flow any longer.

It's hard to say "No" to projects if you lack income, even if your gut clearly tells you that client will cause trouble. 

Let's fix that together in this live Bootcamp!

Hi, My Name Is Jan Koch. I've Built A Six-Figure Freelance Business

I will show you how I get most of my clients organically through a simple networking process that takes me no more than 30 minutes per day.

Generating my own leads wasn't always second nature. For the first few years of being a freelance developer, I was relying on friends to drive business for me. I had extremely good months followed by months without any income at all.

The harsh truth is, that relying on referrals and word of mouth almost ruined my business and drove me into burnout because there was no predictable cash flow.

When my relationship with my girlfriend (now she's my wife) got more serious, I realized that I had to take control of my income. I couldn't rely on referrals anymore and needed to build my own brand - to attract more clients to my business.

We now have a daughter and my online business is the main income source for our family. 

I got good at finding clients without spending hours creating content every day so that I can enjoy time with my family and also know that we'll have enough money in the bank for unexpected challenges.

In this brand new live training, the Freelance Authority Bootcamp, I'll show you how to escape the struggle with cash flow, stop having to deal with bad clients who pay late, or be afraid of clients dumping you when you raise your prices.

You'll learn my three-step system for building confidence to win, setting up effective lead nurturing processes, and prospecting techniques that helped me build a six-figure freelance business.

I had more than enough sleepless nights worrying about paying open bills, I don't want you to go through the same experience. Life is better when you've got a structured prospecting system that reliably gets you in conversations with ideal clients.

Start Earning More As A Freelancer

Enroll today for the next Bootcamp on August 24-26, 2022. 

Participate in 3 live training sessions at 9 am CST, 11 am CST, and 2 pm CST each day to learn and implement proven strategies to get more freelance clients.
Enroll for $399

Can't make this date? Join the waitlist instead.

How Does The Freelance Authority Bootcamp Help You Make More Money?

This Bootcamp is designed for freelancers who want to earn a stable cash flow - no matter if you consider yourself a true marketer or a "successful" freelancer. 

With this Bootcamp, you don't need to be an experienced marketer to get clients lined up waiting to work with you. If you are looking for help with each step along the way, this Bootcamp is for you.

Every day, you get three live training sessions at 9 am CST, 11 am CST, and 2 pm CST.

When the Bootcamp is over, you're invited to join a private Slack community with the other participants to hold yourself accountable and motivate each other for further progress.

This community will not leave you hanging and helps you implement what you've learned in the Bootcamp sessions.

8/24: Confidence

Develop habits that activate your high-achiever mode and give you confidence when speaking with potential clients.

8/25: Processes

Make managing conversations easy by using a CRM and start creating authoritative content efficiently.

8/26: Prospecting

Start conversations without feeling awkward or sleazy and discover how to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

Your Key Takeaways

You don't need to be "omnipresent". Despite what others are saying, trying to be active on every social media platform will do nothing but burn you out. I'm a fan of being active on the right platforms - and you'll learn exactly what that means.

Mindset is everything but it doesn't mean that you have to start meditating. While it's true that having a healthy mindset is critical to your success as a freelancer, don't start meditating just because somebody tells you to. I'll walk you through my habits that help me start every day in high-achiever mode.

Create content that builds your brand using AI. With the right tools, you can set up an effective content plan to be in front of your ideal audience regularly. AI can make your life a lot easier, especially if you don't consider yourself a writer or marketer.

Prospecting doesn't need to be sleazy. I'll show you how to build genuine relationships without sending tons of cold pitches in DMs or sending hundreds of cold emails daily.

Set up systems to follow up on conversations. For the first few years as a freelancer, I had no CRM. No way to easily keep track of conversations with potential leads. I don't want you to make the same mistakes and I'll walk you through how I use HubSpot Free to always keep a list of my hottest leads at hand.

Embrace being seen as an authority. Forget the times when you had to compete on price or timeline to set yourself apart from the competition. You'll learn how to build a personal brand that gives you a true competitive advantage.

Bootcamp Structure

 Wednesday, August 24, 2022 

9am CST  - Setting the Roadmap, Breaking through limiting beliefs
11am CST - Redefining your thought patterns
2pm CST  - Implementation time

 Thursday, August 25, 2022 

9am CST  - Effective marketing processes to establish your authority
11am CST - Following up and lead nurturing made easy
2pm CST  - Implementation time

 Friday, August 26, 2022 

9am CST  - Ethical prospecting to expand your professional network
11am CST - Identifying and adding value to your Dream 100
2pm CST  - Implementation time

Never Run Out Of Clients Again

Enroll today for the next Bootcamp on August 24-26, 2022. 

Participate in 3 live training sessions at 9 am CST, 11 am CST, and 2 pm CST each day to learn and implement proven strategies to get more freelance clients.
Enroll for $399

Can't make this date? Join the waitlist instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to work on the days of the Bootcamp?
Yes. Attending this Bootcamp will require roughly 2.5-3 hours of your time each day. There's plenty of time left to keep your business running and work on client projects.

What types of freelancers is this Bootcamp for?
You can participate in and get value from this Bootcamp no matter what service you provide to your clients. As long as you're looking to acquire your clients online, you'll be able to drive more business when implementing the lessons learned in this Bootcamp.

I cannot join live, do you have recordings available?

Yes, every session will be recorded. You'll also be able to submit questions in advance which we'll address during the training sessions.

Do you have a refund policy?
Since this is a live Bootcamp and you get access to the digital recordings, there is no refund policy. Please do not sign up if you expect a refund, that is a sign that you're not ready to take the action needed to grow your freelance business.

How long does it take me to see results after the Bootcamp?
That's hard to tell and I'm not going to make any promises as this is the first time I am running the Bootcamp - hence the very affordable price. From personal experience, I can generate new clients with this process in roughly 3-4 weeks.

Will you tell me to "slide into DMs" to pitch people?
No. At least not in the annoying way that so many people use on LinkedIn. We'll use DMs to build genuine relationships and fill your lead pipeline with qualified prospects that can provide for stable and predictable cash flow.

What tools do I need to join this Bootcamp?
The live training sessions are hosted in Zoom, nothing fancy. You'll get access to a Slack community and a membership area to download the recordings. You can participate with your camera off if you prefer, though I'll encourage you to turn it on during the live trainings to get a better community feeling throughout the Bootcamp.