A cold email outreach workflow in less than 500 words

Yesterday, I read a Facebook status update by John Corcoran that inspired this post.

He wrote:

Status update by John Corcoran

John is a former writer for the White House and now runs rise25.com & smartbusinessrevolution.com

"If you're not hearing enough NO's, it means you aren't trying hard enough."

That falls exactly in line with how I feel many entrepreneurs do cold outreach, including myself.

I hate the idea of being turned down just as much as anybody, but if I don't tell people what services my agency provides, I can only rely on word-of-mouth and PPC traffic.

That's not a sustainable business model if you ask me. At least, I'd not be sleeping comfortably if my agency wouldn't have Frank, a fantastic salesman (and one of the co-founders).

Over the past days, I took a deep dive into ways outreach can be systemized.

And I want to share a tool I came across... it's called MixMax.

With MixMax, you can:

  • import lead email addresses from spreadsheets
  • send automated sequences and follow-ups to cold leads
  • leverage email templates with personalization
  • schedule emails and undo sending
  • use surveys, code snippets and attach files from Dropbox, Box or G Drive

I haven't seen a tool with similar functionality that you can basically use for free. MixMax is only $9/month, which is nothing.

And even though this tool isn't related to WordPress, a systemized outreach process is the foundation for any business.

So, here's the workflow I'd implement if we didn't have Frank:

  1. I'd build a list of email addresses from prospects. I'd use LinkedIn, niche-specific forums, business directories or good ol' Google.
  2. I'd put names, business name and email into MixMax
  3. I'd set up a sequence for cold email outreach, with at least two follow-ups over the next days after sending the initial email. Don't overdo it here though!
  4. I'd have MixMax send out the sequences.

See how this workflow is building a pipeline of prospects?

At that point, you have three tasks:

1. Keep adding email addresses to your list in MixMax, to keep the pipeline running.

2. Follow up manually with those people that respond positively to your sequences.

3. Monitor the performance of your email templates and headlines and keep improving.

From your sequence, you can obviously link to your website, a portfolio of your services, or your calendar to directly schedule meetings. The options you have are endless.


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