Challenges Boost Your Internet Business

Mai 10, 2013 5 mins to read

In my eBook Challenge are only 21 days left. I’ve made huge progress through that challenge and I’ll explain to you, how challenges can boost your internet business.

Challenges will boost your income, because they make you more productive and trigger unexpected success.

As you know, I’m using this challenge to start a great internet business. The goal is, to publish my very first eBook in one month.

I want to prove, that everyone is able to write a book fast. When I succeed, you will see, that earning passive income online by selling a book is possible.

And you’ll see that you can make it!

Internet Business Is About Taking Action

Taking action after finishing my concept was the most important and also the most difficult part.

To master the challenge I need to be productive and to produce high quality content. Otherwise my eBook won’t sell and my internet business won’t generate income. That’s a problem every internet entrepreneur has to face. The secret to success is, to take action every day.

Don’t think, that people who are earning millions did that from the beginning! They all made a lot of failures and went a long way to become successful. But they kept on working and believed in their goals. The mastered all their challenges. They kept on working for their internet business regardless of the roadblocks they had to overcome.

I’m kind of under pressure with this challenge. And that’s exactly what I wanted. I know, that I need some amount of pressure to stay focussed on a task.

Otherwise I would just do other things that come into my mind. As you can tell, that would decrease productivity a lot and that would limit myself.

I try to write at least 1.500 words per day, to get into a habit of writing. There are some key facts, that increase the productivity of every writer:

  • Don’t edit while your writing
  • Don’t think too much while your writing
  • Never write without an outline
  • Turn off distractions
  • Get into a writing habit
  • Read!

I’m setting time apart where I do nothing else but writing. I turn my phone off, tell all people to don’t disturb me and I even don’t use my MacBook for writing. I know, that I would be distracted, because I would surf in the web all the time.

I’m writing the whole book in iA Writer on my iPad. Of course I could surf with my iPad, too. But it’s not that comfortable as on my MacBook. And the virtual keyboard somehow puts me more into the flow of writing. Maybe that’s because I need to be more focussed to reduce typos.

However, I’m carrying my iPad with me almost every time, so when I want to write I can easily start.

But I have to mention, that I’m experiencing a problem with iA Writer. The iCloud sync between iPad and iPhone works just fine, but the sync to my MacBook won’t work. My workaround for this is, to export the files into my Dropbox account. They are stored as .txt files, so I could edit them on every client. With this workaround I’m still as productive as I can be.

Triggering Automatic Success

What’s up with this thing „automatic success“? Everything will fall just into play, when you just work hard enough? Let me show you, how I’m spreading my project all over the world without any marketing budget.

I’m experiencing nearly this phenomenon. Because I keep talking about my challenge, a lot of people hear of me and my plans. I’m contacting people to make interviews with them, to get their opinion on some specific topic or just to chat with them about online business.

What do people do all the time? They talk.

My contacts told their contacts about my upcoming eBook. In my discussions I’m very enthuasiastic about my eBook and I encourage people to get enthusiastic, too. That’s the best possible marketing you can ever get!

Until now people from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and even from Pakistan want to buy me eBook. Most of them are into online business themselves. That’s great for me, because they talk to their networks about me eBook and the Snowball-effect comes into play.

It’s like an avalanche going on and I’m confident that my eBook will have a good start.

The Lessons Learned

Let me quickly summarize the lessons, that I learned since I started my eBook Challenge:

  • Public challenges enhance your productivity
  • You want to reach your goals, so you produce high quality content
  • You turn off distractions and get into habits, that help you conquer your challenge
  • Talking about your challenge in public leads to unexpected success
  • Collaboration leads more higher quality content
  • Building a huge network is easier than ever, when you’re passionate

With this post I wanted to give you a little status report about my challenge. I hope, this shows you, that it’s no magic to start a successful online business.

Everyone can write an eBook. If you don’t know, what to write about, stay tuned to my next post. I’ll show you, how everyone can find a profitable topic for his or her eBook.

A good way to start is signing up for my free newsletter and reading my exclusive guide on becoming successful in online business.

To your success,


2 Comments on “Challenges Boost Your Internet Business”

  1. Hey Jan,
    Just stopping by from the IBM Facebook page to have a look at your website…Looks great!
    Love the article, One problem I have while I am writing is the editing…or sitting there staring at my laptop thinking about the perfect way to phrase something. Like you said „just take action“ You can always edit later after you let everything spill out of your brain.

    1. Hi Dale,
      thank you. Your feedback makes me confident, that I’m on the right way with my website.

      Yesterday I made a new experiment with my writing. I connected my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. When I opened iA Writer I just had the white screen with text on my iPad and could write with the keyboard. That made me more productive, though one drawback is, that I loose the overall view on my text. It’s hard to stay focussed on the actual topic. I’ll definitely keep this experiment going.

      Again thank you for your feedback and good luck with your projects!
      Best regards,

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